Concrete Driveway FAQs

Below you will find details for some of the more frequently asked question we receive, if you have a question and cannot find the answer below please contact us using our general enquiry form.

Q: How much will my driveway cost?
A: There are many variations that will affect your driveway price, let us measure up your job accurately and give you a firm quotation.

Q: What choices of colours and textures are there?
A: We have a wide range of finishes available for concrete driveways, to view our range of concrete textures and colours please see the information links to the right.

Q: How deep does concrete have to be?
A: Standard concrete depth for domestic driveways is 100mm.

Q: Concrete depth for commercial concrete areas?
A: Minimum depth of 150mm. Reason being is; they are genuinely heavy traffic areas.

Q: Concrete depth for R.O.W’s (right of ways)?
A: Minimum concrete depth is 150mm (No steel reinforcing mesh)

Q: What are the concrete depth for Vehicle entrance crossings?
A: Minimum concrete depth is 150mm (No steel reinforcing mesh), council permit required.

Q: What is concrete hardness (MPa)?
A: MPa is a concrete hardness test measured in “megapascals”. We advise a minimum of 20MPa for our driveways.

Q: Do I need steel reinforcing mesh?
A: It is advised as it gives additional strength to the concreted area.

Q: What are steel reinforcing bars?
A: Steel reinforcing bars give additional strength into concrete areas where needed. Also used as dowels to tie old structures and surfaces into new concrete.

Q: What are expansion Joints?
A: Expansion or control joints as also known are cut into the concrete approximately every 3.5 meters to allow the concrete to flex on these cut lines. This minimizes the cracking risk in concrete as the ground expands and contracts with the temperature between the seasons.

Q: What maintenance is required?
A: Very little, a good water blast once a year will keep your concrete in good condition.

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