Concrete Driveway & Courtyard Texture Options

Various surface finishes and textures are available with concrete. Different applications and areas need a variety of finishing and looks. Below are the main finishes associated with concrete.

smooth concrete textureSmooth trowel finish: House, garage & workshop floor slabs, courtyard and patios. Very easy to keep clean but can be slippery when wet. Click the image to view the gallery

Bromm finishBroom Finish: Gives a soft lined surface texture for grip, (Commonly used around council foot paths and high use areas). A good non-slip low cost option. Click the image to view the gallery

Exposed aggregate concrete finishesExposed Finish: Exposed is when the surface aggregate (stone) can be seen. Gives very good traction for driveways or step inclines. With the right concrete aggregates it can make for a very attractive surface finish. Click the image to view the gallery

Acid etched concreteAcid Etched: Is a very light texture achieved by exposing the surface of concrete with a light dilution of acid. Commonly used on smooth coloured concrete areas to give a light grip. Gives a good nonslip surface for around the home. Click the image to view the acid etched gallery. Click the image to view the gallery

Concrete grinding textureConcrete Grinding: Is when the surface of the concrete is machined ground down to a super smooth finish. Thus showing the cross section of the aggregate. Can be used indoor and outdoors, looks fantastic when sealed, (hard wearing). Click the image to view the gallery

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