Concrete & Clay Paving

Both concrete paving and clay paving have their own unique look that suits a wide variety of applications. Paving is a good option where underground services are known or may need to be accessed. We can easily work in some attractive patterns and designs into your paving, which cannot be achieved with concrete. A combination of paving with different materials like hardwood timber or coloured concrete can really look great together. Browse our gallery for some ideas that might work around your home.

Concrete Grass Pavers

Grass paving like “Turf blocks” or “Gobi blocks” are a great way to form solid ground for driving or parking on while retaining a nice grassy look. Concrete permeable paving gives a very solid surface while allowing rainwater to pass directly through them. This type of paving is a good option where there are already, visually a lot of hard surface areas to look at. Grass pavers offer a softer look while still retaining a practical area.

Stepping Stones

Stepping-stones visually are a nice clean look. If you do not want a solid pathway, but just wish to get from “A to B” while keeping your feet dry, stepping-stones are a great option. Depending on your look, you have the ability to grass around them or use materials like decorative pebbles, lime chip, bark etc.

Paving Costs

There are many paving options available for driveway and courtyard areas; the costs will differ considerably depending on your job size, style and look you are after. The variety of paving stones and colours will have a large bearing on cost, so let us measure up your area and give you an idea of what’s included and the total cost.

Paving Preparation

With our knowledge and specialised equipment we will excavate the intended area, spread base metal and compact it into a solid foundation, making it ready for your new pavers.

Foundations under your paving are extremely important, if you don’t get them right, long term you will experience humps and hollows in your paving as the ground underneath settles.

Paving Repairs

One advantage of paving over solid concrete is that, if your paving over the years has failed and is experiencing some undulations, we can repair it. Paving is able to be lifted and cleaned, your foundations corrected and your paving relayed like new. Although paving can be repaired, “we believe in doing your job right, the first time”.

Concrete paving Auckland

G J Gardner recommended Nigel at “Concrete works ” to us, we were really pleased with his ideas for our pool area, and the finished job looks great. We also used him later for our driveway, and once again, we were extremely happy with the results.

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