Concrete Finishes

The type of finish and texture is probably the most important part of your concrete; it’s the bit you walk and play on. Very few jobs require a specific finish, mainly for technical reasons; but most can have the type of finish you are after. Different concrete finishes can be changed around your home to accommodate for your style of home and living. Example: a steep driveway may require we use an exposed aggregate as traction for your car wheels, but can then change to a smooth trowel finish with a light acid etch for your pathways and courtyard area, which feels nice under foot. View the different surface finishes under our “textured concrete” link below.

Coloured Concrete

Concrete these days does not need to be a dull, old grey that has been the face of concrete for hundreds of years. The colour ranges available to tint your concrete to whatever colour you decide is endless. With our expertise, let us advise you on what colours will work best depending on your situation. We recommend that you seal your coloured concrete to retain its colour and protect against spills and stains. Sealers range from natural Acrylic sealers through to high build Epoxy glazes. We can help you choose the right sealer for your situation.

Click here to view concrete colour options

Textured Concrete

Various surface finishes and textures are available with concrete. Different applications and areas need a variety of finishing and looks. Below are the main finishes associated with concreting.

Click here to view our concrete texture examples

Concrete finshes

G J Gardner recommended Nigel at “Concrete works ” to us, we were really pleased with his ideas for our pool area, and the finished job looks great. We also used him later for our driveway, and once again, we were extremely happy with the results.

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