Concrete Paving FAQs

Below you will find details for some of the more frequently asked question we receive, if you have a question and cannot find the answer below please contact us using our general enquiry form.

Q: How much will my paved area cost?
There are many variations that will affect your paving price, like the size of your job and style of paver used. Let us measure up your job accurately and give you a firm quotation.

Q: What maintenance is required?
Very little, a good clean once a year will keep your paving in good condition.

Q: Will I get weeds in my paving?
With any paving you have the risk of weeds growing in the sand joints between the pavers. The drier the paved area the lease likely you are to have a weed problem. Moss and mould treatment once a year will control any weeds.

Q: Will the paving move over time?
Your paving is only as good as the foundation they are sitting on. If there is a good firm compacted subgrade and base metal, your paving will last years without any problems.

Q: What holds the paving together at the edges?
A solid concrete nib is poured around the edge of the paving to retain and hold the pavers in place.

Q: Is paving a more expensive option than concrete?
Generally yes, paving will cost more than concrete based on the same size area. We work with both products, so let us measure up for you to compare prices.

Q: We have paving that has spread apart and with a lot of humps and hollows. Can it be fixed?
Yes, one large benefit to paving is that your paving can be lifted and repaired. Base can be leveled and compacted, then your paving cleaned and relayed like new.

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G J Gardner recommended Nigel at “Concrete works ” to us, we were really pleased with his ideas for our pool area, and the finished job looks great. We also used him later for our driveway, and once again, we were extremely happy with the results.

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